Mikdash Shaul Dayanut Training Program

Rabbinical Ordination

Upon completion of the Mikdash Shaul Dayanut Training Program the Dayan (a Judge presiding over Jewish Matters) is qualified to sit on a Beit Din (Jewish Court).

7-year intensive program

In 1994 the Dayanut Program was inaugurated. The pioneering groups of 12 participants all graduated and received their Dayanut Ordination from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. Some have taken official positions in Israel. Currently there are more than 20 students enrolled in the program.

The near future may bring the establishment of a private Beit Din in Israel as well as an international Beit Din. The latter has the approval of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and will be assigned to oversee all divorce (gittin) cases throughout the world. They will deal with problems arising from marital difficulties and questionable conversions along with the consequences that have developed as a result. The Dayanim are poised and ready to serve in these positions.