Our Accomplishments

Since its inception in 1980, the Shehebar Sephardic Center has grown into a world renowned institution with an outstanding reputation for high quality programs, as well as a resource for Sephardic communities worldwide to identify rabbis, dayans, teachers, mohels, shochets and spiritual leadership.

Known for its top quality rabbinical training program, SSC-trained rabbis help struggling communities to survive by educating Jews about their heritage and religion. From teaching women to light Shabbat candles, the laws of niddah and keeping a kosher home to overseeing the slaughter of kosher meat and assuring that Jewish travelers can find a minyan to say daily prayers and eat kosher food, SSC rabbis can be found fostering Judaism all over the world.

Throughout the Diaspora, there are dozens of start-up congregations interested in hiring a rabbi. Seen as the global source for Sephardic training, the SSC receives calls daily from communities looking for rabbinic leadership to build a kahal, lead holiday services, to teach in a school, or to oversee the kashrut of a restaurant. No matter what the need, the SSC fills the gap by sending its students to the remotest towns and the most highly populated cities, to serve the people there.

To date, the SSC

  • Created the revolutionary Golden Leaves program in Israel and China
  • Graduated more than 300 rabbis from our institution
  • Placed more than 183 rabbis all over the world
  • Trained more than 24 dayans to serve on a Bet Din anywhere in the world
  • Built synagogues in the Kowloon, Hong Kong; Beijing,China; and Shanghai, China
  • Opened 3 Ohel Moshe Schools in Uzbekistan
  • Provided 250 indigent families per year with weekly vouchers to purchase food for Shabbat, as well as a stipend for the Jewish holidays through the Jerusalem Shabbat Fund.
  • Launched Sephardic Centers in Columbia, Croatia and Spain
  • Began the first successful one-year Spanish Language Torah program
  • Published numerous books that are heavily in demand

In three decades, the SSC has grown from a small yeshiva to one burgeoning at its seams. Our rabbinical students come from all over the world, often to return home to serve as their community rabbi. The SSC is recognized by the State of Israel as an accredited school that provides high quality rabbinic education.

In 2015, the SSC opened  a new building in Jerusalem to house its yeshiva, dormitory, library and bet midrash.

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