Rabbinical Placement Program

The SSC/Mikdash Sephardi’s main goal is to ensure Jewish continuity through education. Through an international network, the SSC trains rabbis, dayanim, shochets, mohels and spritiual leaders and places them in synagogues and Sephardic communities around the globe.

The SSC has trained more than 150 rabbis, 15 dayanim, 60 teachers, 40 mohalim, 25 shochetim and a multitude of spiritual leaders. To date the SSC/Mikdash Sephardi has placed more than 150 rabbis in communities and synagogues all over the United States as well as in South America, Mexico, Eastern and Western Europe, Russia and the Far East. This program helps revive dying communities by instilling Jewish values and practices, educating Jews as to their history, prevents assimilation and assures Jewish continuity.

Throughout the Diaspora there are dozens of startup congregations, interested in hiring a Rabbi. Due to financial considerations, many cannot afford the luxury. Some congregations look for a young rabbi. The remaining congregations seek a rabbi who is an authority on halacha and on contemporary challenges, who will be involved in all facets of Jewish life and education of the youth. Each week the SSC is approached with a request for a rabbi at some community around the world. More than 20 congregations have turned to us in recent months with the request that we provide them with this type of rabbi.

In terms of development, each year Rabbi Kassin, Rabbi Shamoula and other staff rabbis travel the world in support of newly-placed rabbis or to consult with community leaders on their needs.

If your community needs a rabbi for your congregation, or for holiday services, contact the Shehebar Sephardic Center’s Israel office at info@ssc.org.il or at 972.2.627.3231.