Doron Perez

Rabbi Doron Perez is the recently elected Head of the World Mizrachi Movement based in Jerusalem.  Rabbi Perez studied in some Israel’s leading Yeshivot culminating in Rabbinic and a B.Ed. degree, and served in the I.D.F. in the Hesder Army Program.  He served the South African Jewish community over the last 15 years in multiple leadership roles; as a community leader, Rabbi and educator. He served as the Rabbi of the Mizrachi Movement of South Africa during these years, the Senior Rabbi of the vibrant Mizrachi shul in Johannesburg, and the Managing -Director of the Yeshiva College schools, the first and largest Torah school in Southern Africa.  Rabbi Perez is a renowned orator and has been scholar in residence in many communities throughout South Africa and around the world. He is also  the author of the book “Leading the Way”, which is a collection of writings on some of Jewish life’s most important matters – Israel, Leadership, Education, Virtues and Vices, the Days of Awe, and Life and Death.  Rabbi Perez returned with his wife Shelly and their children in the summer of 2014 to assume his new position at World Mizrachi.

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