Hayyim Kassorla





Rabbi Hayyim Kassorla is a native New Yorker who brings an infusion of energy, excitement, humor, member participation in services, and a love for our Sephardic traditions. Descended from the Jews of Rhodes/Turkey, the Rabbi follows in the footsteps of rabbis from Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco and Uruguay, making him the first American-born religious leader of OVS. He came to our keilah in March 2004, and has served as a pulpit Rabbi for more than 25 years at Sephardic congregations in San Francisco, Rockville, Maryland, and Great Neck, New York, and as a student rabbi at the Spanish-Portuguese synagogue, Shearith Israel in New York.

For more on Hayyim Kassorla click: https://orveshalom.org/content/about-our-rabbi