Moshe Elmescany


Rabbi Elmescany, a 1990 SSC graduate, is a Moroccan descent that now lives in Brazil. While in SSC he specialized in Halachot of Shabbat, Avelut, and Sofrut. He studied psychology but works as a rabbi.

Rabbi Elmescany has helped build a community in Brazil, by starting a congregation, synagogues, and a school. His congregation, Centro Israelita do Pará, is located on Street Dr. Moraes 37. His first synagogue, Shaar Hashamaim (Street Arcipreste M. Teodoro 842) is only open on Shabbat and holidays; his second synagogue, Eshel Abraham (Street Campos Sales 733) is open daily, and Rabbi Elmescany gives shiurim there every night. His school is located in the heart of Centro Israelita. Thanks to Rabbi Elmescany’s hard efforts there has been a great awaking in Brazilian Jews!