Rabbi Ezra Kassin

Born and raised in Israel, Rabbi Ezra Kassin is descended from a long line of rabbis going back to the 16th century. He graduated from Porat Yosef where he studied with Rabbi Sion Cohen and Rabbi Shalom Cohen. He also studied at Yeshiva Maor Eliyahu and Maolotr Hatorah, under Rav Shmuel Orbach.

Rabbi Kassin has studies philosophy, is a mohel and a Mashgiach, trained at the SSC. He received his rabbinical ordination after passing the test of the Rabbinical Court of Israel.

Rabbi Ezra Kassin is a young and energetic rabbi who has been with the SSC since 1998. An eloquent speaker, he lectures twice a day and is committed to teaching Talmud. He facilitates communication among his students as seen by classes that are lively and full of action, debate and intense interest. Rabbi Ezra radiates a friendly atmosphere that draws students to his class.

He also instructs newlyweds on the laws of niddah and councils them on marital issues.