Rabbi Yaacov Benizri

A native of Marseilles, France, Rabbi Benizri made aliyah to Israel at age 22. He learned at Yeshiva Knesset Heskiya under Rav Eliyahi Miskovski, Kolel Otsar Hahayim under the Gaon, Rabbi Moshe Tzedekah, and at Rashit Hochma under Rav Shabetai Aton. He received his smicha after passing the test required for the Rabbinical Court of Israel.

Rabbi Yaakov Benizri has been the “Rosh Kollel” of the Rabbinical Training Program since 1991. He has built the program such that it is considered one of the best in Israel.  Under his supervision, more than 100 students completed the program. Each student is prepared to meet the high academic standards expected to pass for the state examination for the rabbinate.

A native of France, Rabbi Benizri is understands the needs and challenges faced by rabbis serving Diaspora communities and equips his students to be successful when placed in struggling communities throughout the world.

Rabbi Benizri has an illustrious reputation as a scholar and his students refer questions to him on matters of Halacha. Rabbi Benizri is also a Shohet and an expert Soffer.