Royi Gabbai

Royi Gabbai received his Semicha from the Shehebar Rabbinical College in 2008.  He was the Rabbi at Shoova Israel in South Padre Island, TX for more than two years, and has served as Cantor at numerous synagogues during the past decade.  He’s made stops in Mexico City, Bogota, Greece, Spain, Russia, and Israel. He currently is in Brooklyn, NY teaching and is the cantor at Beit-El Synagogue.


He has provided spritiual guidance to Jewish communities around the world through extended knowledge in the Torah laws and the jewish philosophy. In-depth provision of daily Shiur in Gemara and Rishonim, Weekend Shiurim, Halachic decision/guidance, community leadership, lectures for men/women & individual pre-marital preparations courses are integral part of my schedule.


His expertise is in cantorial music, including singing the tunes necessary to bring vibrancy and life to Sabbath and holiday services and teaching others the tunes to sing Torah passages. In addition, general duties included teaching, speaking and running holiday events.