Thessaloniki, Greece

The origin of the Jewish community of Thessaloniki goes back to the 1492 Expulsion from Spain. During the 500 years, the Jewish Community produced many important and world leading authorities in Jewish law and Torah. They have kept to date the Ladino language which is the language of Spanish Jewry around the world. Unfortunately during the Holocaust 97 percent of the Jewish community was destroyed by the Nazi regime. Through the remaining Jews the Jewish community was able to revive itself and carry on its communal activities and responsibilities. 

Rabbi Eliyahu Shitrit was sent by the SSC to further strengthen the Jewish community and their religious and spiritual activities. The Rabbi has practically introduced ritual slaughtering and by now dozens of families are eating Kosher food with the numbers are increasing. He also organizes kosher catering for visitors and business travelers . The need for furthering Jewish religious and spiritual activities necessitated sending Rabbi Aharon Yisrael and his wife to care of the Jewish youth needs.