Yossef Bitton

Argentinian born Rabbi Bitton is fluent in Spanish, Hebrew and English. Extremely well educated, this good natured rabbi has published several books and many articles. He has also directed several important community projects and created many workshops directed at audiences of various age groups and backgrounds.

Rabbi Bitton served as the Rabbi of Templo Chalom from 1985-1990 and rabbi of Congregation Agudat Dodim from 1992-1996, both large Sephardic congregations in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1996 Rabbi Bitton brought 40 families to Israel from Argentina. He taught at Yeshiva Madait (Scientific Yeshiva) in Rishon LeTsion in Israel for the next two years.

In 1998, he returned to South America as Chief Rabbi of Uruguay where he was spiritual leader to over 15,000 families for four years. From 2002-2003, he moved to Atlanta where he was Rabbi of Congregation Or VeShalom. In 2004 Rabbi Bitton moved to New York where he began working with Congregation Shaare Shalom, the Mashadi Jewish Community of Great Neck, a Persian congregation of more than a thousand families.

Rabbi Bitton visited the Yeshiva of Sederot during the last Lebanon war and reported to his congregants about the vital work Rabbi Fendel does for the Yeshiva and the strategic importance of the Yeshiva for the life of the entire city. Since 2006 the Mashadi Community has help support the Yeshiva of Sederot. For example, one year the Mashadi Community youth organized a huge Mishloach Manot project where hundreds of packages with letters for Purim arrived for the city’s inhabitants.

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